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"We started off with picking out clothes that "fit" me and working on my overall image, then we went out on our test runs. She got me out of my comfort zone, I was learning the dance of this thing called "interactions with women". It took me some time, an open mind, and a willingness to listen and do the work. And of course many times I would get rejected, but at least I was having fun. I was having the time of my life, never felt so alive!

Tavia was with me every step of the way. Soon enough, I was going out on my own. I went from completely un-date-able to being with a smart, gorgeous woman who fits my ideal match. From time to time I look back and ponder on how far I've come. I'm so grateful for Tavia's wake up call. Thank you, Tavia!" -Sunny
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This is the last Get Dateable Workshop I will be offering at this price, just 3 bi-weekly payments of $197 OR a one time payment of $497. That's a $600 savings and this is the ONLY time I will offer this workshop at this rate!

So, if you are serious about improving your dating game and attracting your ideal woman this year, do not miss out on this! 

"Pay in Full" Exclusive Bonuses:
Bonus #1: I will also include a 60 min private coaching session with me ($300 value).

Bonus #2: You will receive brand new profile shots taken the day of the workshop ($500 value).

Bonus #3: You will also receive my Ultimate "Get Dateable" Style Checklist ($97 value). 
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